The Artist

As you walk in Shawli’s Fantasy art gallery, your visual sensation is saturated with colorful, vivid, ethereal beauties of divergent traits. Shawli intricate the realistic & fantasy side of females, their sweet & sexy coquetry, and their natural talent in art of seducing.  In the details of her artwork, you can feel the outspoken appreciation of female form in the artwork.

“I believe in celebrating the female figure and embracing what we’ve been given, not hiding that.” ​— Miranda Kerr

Just like Miranda Kerr, Shawli’s Fantasy’s existence is to praise the female beauty.
Through digital art, we praise the beauty of female.

The Artist

The Artist : Shawli Chen

artist shawli chen

Originally born in Taiwan, Shawli graduated with Fine Arts Major from University of Central Florida in the United States.
 With deep influence from the Western culture’s openness to expression and yet still holding on to Eastern culture’s traditional values, Shawli created ‘Shawli’s Fantasy’ to express her passion for female’s beautiful traits in a fused expression that combines both cultures.

Exhibitor in Tokyo Comitia at Tokyo Big Sight

Art exhibition in Tung Blossom Festival Art Gallery in Taoyuan, Taiwan

Presented at Artist Alley in MegaCon Orlando

Exhibit in Firestone Live, Orlando

Shawli's Fantasy @ Firestone Live, Orlando, FL

“Pheromones-the Secret Garden” Art Exhibition in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Australia Ballistic EXOTIQUE 7 “Ina”

Taiwanese Aborigines Tribe - Ina

Australia Ballistic EXPOSÉ 8 “Diao Chan”

Diao Chan