Four Season Chinese Beauties The Art of Seduction

Story & Digital Art of Ancient Chinese Beauty – Yang Guifei

As one of the four famous ancient Chinese beauties, Yang Guifei (original name Yang Yuhuan) has the highest rank of imperial consorts during Tang Dynasty. Born in Yongji, China, Yang Yuhuan was said to fell in love at first sight by Li Mao, the Prince of Shou. As Li Mao’s mother taken in all the effort to implore the wedding forContinue Reading “Story & Digital Art of Ancient Chinese Beauty – Yang Guifei”

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Taiwan Hakka Tung Blossom Exhibition features Tung Blossom Art

Known as “snow in May“, the Taiwan Hakka tung blossom season is the one of the best time of the year when tourists from all over the world come into Taiwan for the  beautiful blossoms of tung flower trees. Only in this season, the Taiwan Hakka Art Gallery in Taoyuan will exhibit selected artists to exhibit theirContinue Reading “Taiwan Hakka Tung Blossom Exhibition features Tung Blossom Art”

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Shawli’s Fantasy exhibiting @ Orlando Megacon 2014

Orlando Megacon is one of US east coast’s largest comic/anime/cosplay event. This year, Shawli’s Fantasy team exhibited in the Artist Alley Burgundy section. We had been preparing for the event for a while, gathering information and market research. Since it’s our first Megacon show, we know we’ll have to do it and learn, just like everything else:)Continue Reading “Shawli’s Fantasy exhibiting @ Orlando Megacon 2014”

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Art Event @ Firestone Live

Hi everyone, I finally got a chance to update art event photos, thank you all for waiting patiently! As you probably are aware from our Facebook postings, both Shawli & I has been extremely busy from exhibiting several events for the past months. At the beginning of March, I exhibit Shawli’s Fantasy art gallery at downtown Orlando’s Firestone LiveContinue Reading “Art Event @ Firestone Live”