Four Season Chinese Beauties The Art of Seduction

Digital art of Chinese Beauties: the Da Xiao Qiao sisters

Although Da Xiao Qiao sisters were not recorded in history, their reference was traced from the famous novel, Romance of Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong. Known to be one of the Four Great Classic novels of Chinese literature, this dramatic Chinese historic novel combines the history, legend, and mythology into one great masterpiece. It reveals the turbulence of the HanContinue Reading “Digital art of Chinese Beauties: the Da Xiao Qiao sisters”

Goddess The Art of Seduction

The Spring Goddess & Formosan Black Bear

Formosan Black Bear (Trinomial name : Ursus thibetanus formosanus, The Bunun Tribe : /tumað/) is an endangered native specie that is endemic to Taiwan.  Listed as the most representative wildlife of Taiwan since 2001, the formosan black bear became the inspiration for this piece of art. Distinguished by the unique v shaped white fur in frontContinue Reading “The Spring Goddess & Formosan Black Bear”

Fairies The Art of Seduction

Vernicia flower fairy blossoms snow in May

The famous Taiwan Hakka Tung Blossom festival spotlights on Tung blossoms in this beautiful season. Vernicia flower are also known as tung, or tung oil tree. Native to eastern and southeaster Asia, Vernicia flower usually blossom in May, earning it’s beautiful name “snow in May“. With Vernicia flower fairy being a new member of the Fairies Collection,Continue Reading “Vernicia flower fairy blossoms snow in May”

SF events

Tokyo Comitia event with Shawli’s Fantasy

Now that I’m finally back in the states with steady Wi-Fi, I can finally update our Shawli’s Fantasy Tokyo Comitia event updates, woo-hoo! As you know, Japan is the ultimate mecca for anime/manga/art/pop culture of the world, certainly Shawli’s Fantasy want to be part of it~ This year, Comitia (← link to official website) celebrate’s it’s 30thContinue Reading “Tokyo Comitia event with Shawli’s Fantasy”

Four Season Chinese Beauties The Art of Seduction

Story & Digital Art of Ancient Chinese Beauty – Wang Zhaojun

As part of the “Four Great Beauties” of ancient China, Wang Zhaojun’s tale was known to be melancholy but brave for that she was the “political bride” to establish peace between 2 cultures. Wang Zhaojun’s original name is Wang Chiang, and she is also know to be “Ming Fei”, which means Wisdom Queen. Born in BaopingContinue Reading “Story & Digital Art of Ancient Chinese Beauty – Wang Zhaojun”