The Beautiful Water Bearer, Aquarius
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The Beautiful Water Bearer, Aquarius


January 20th ~ February 18th

Having Air as it’s element, Aquarius astrology was symbolized as water bearer.
Known to be creative with a strong affection towards novelties, Aquarius tend to be more inventive and individualistic.


In Greek Mythology, Aquarius started from a young beautiful prince name Ganymede. Ganymede, the son of King Tros, was a very handsome man adored by many other mortals & gods. As the “Father of Gods and men” with strong interest in beautiful people, Zeus became very infatuated by Ganymede’s beauty. Zeus turned himself into an eagle that was represented by the constellation of Aquilla, carried Ganymede all the up to Mount Olympus and assign him to be the cup bearer for the gods. Serving the divine drink called nectar, the cup bearer was a highly notable position and was later on privileged by Zeus as the constellation of Aquarius in the Greek zodiac.

Characteristic & Traits

Just like the symbol of water bearer that brings precious liquids as gifts, Aquarius is often known for their creative ideas that sometimes benefit the world. Aquarians are often known to be freedom-loving, individualistic, broad-minded, and attracted to novelties as well as new knowledge.


In Shawli’s Fantasy Astrology Horoscope collection, different horoscopes are drawn accordingly to the colors that are associated with the star sign. As for Aquarius, the common known colors are blue, blue-green, turquoise, and sky blue.
In the art, the beautiful Goddess holds the water vase as the water streams out, illustrating Aquarius as water bearer of the astrology.

The art is available for purchase in art prints, puzzle, and postcard in S♥Boutique online store.

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