Courageous & Independent Aries
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Courageous & Independent Aries

March 21th ~ April 20th

With the Golden Ram as it’s symbolic representation, Aries horoscope is originated from the Golden Fleece of Greek mythology. As the first sign of Zodiac, Aries are known to be very independent and possess strong leadership qualities.


From the Greek mythology, the story starts off with a hatred stepmother name Ino that plans to kill King Boeotian’s children, Phrixus and his sister Helle.  To get rid of the children, Ino planned the wheat crops to fail the harvest, which cause the Greek nation to starve.  Then she bribed the Oracle to lie to king Boeotian that his children must be sacrificed to prevent famine, sadly, the children were then sent to be sacrificed.  At the brinks of death, the children were saved by a winged golden ram that is sent by their birth mother, and was sent to kingdom Colchis.  Unfortunately, Helle fell off and drowned in their journey, but Phrixus made it to kingdom Colchis safely.  At the destination, the golden ram instruct Phrixus to sacrifice him to the Gods and put his fleece in the holy groves of Ares.  Phrixus was safe and was later married to Chalciope, the daughter of King Aeëtes of the Colchis Kingdom.

Characteristics & Traits

Aries are known to be natural born leaders with strong visions and determinations.  With great energy and being greatly enthusiastic, Aries tend to tackle the challenges head-on, thrive to action, and fearless to be forceful if needed.  Aries are very independent, assertive,  and adventurous people that are open to new experiences.


Capturing the bright, bold colors that resembles Aries horoscope’s personality, the art focus on warm colors of orange, yellow,  and that strong golden glow of energy.  Together with the Golden Ram, the beautiful Maiden shows strong determination and displays sensational radiance that touch your visual sensation with warm, positive feeling.  In Shawli’s Fantasy art, the beauties are confident and womanly;have no fear, and embrace who you are.

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